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Frequently asked questions

What do the product conditions mean?

Refurbed products function like new devices and therefore have no restrictions. The optical status of the devices can be selected. What categories are there?

Excellent (A-Grade): works like new, looks like new

Very good (B-Grade): works like new, may show slight signs of wear

Good (C-Grade): works like new, may show clear signs of wear

We recommend A/B devices if you want them to look as good as new, C devices if you want them to be as cheap as possible.

How does the ordering process work?

1. Non-binding inquiry:

You send us a non-binding inquiry. Please fill out all fields, as only complete requests can be processed. If you do not have a preference for certain criteria, we will look for the best offer for your company.

2. Personal offer:

We will create the most suitable and cheapest offer for you.

3. Invoice:

If you agree to the offer and our terms and conditions, you will receive the invoice from us. This can be paid in advance or on account (with a 14-day payment deadline).

4. Shipping:

After receipt of payment, we organise the compilation and delivery of your order. Shipping of the goods will occur within a few working days.

What is the quality of refurbished products?

All our products come from certified and verified dealers. You will receive your devices including the necessary accessories. Our quality team checks the origin of the devices to always provide you with optimal quality.

How does a purchase help achieve sustainability goals?

By purchasing completely renewed devices, you can easily make a contribution to active environmental protection. Remanufactured products cause significantly fewer emissions than newly produced goods and reduce the generation of electronic waste. We also plant a tree for each product sold, to help minimise carbon in the atmosphere.

Sustainable procurement is another step towards achieving your sustainability goals.

You can find out more about sustainability in our sustainability report, which refurbed published together with the Fraunhofer Institute in 2023.

Can old devices be sold back to Refurbed?

Yes, you can find all the information about it here.

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